Healthy Facts of Internet Usage WorldwideThe internet has been used by many people as a source of health information worldwide. It is a rich store for information and facts that are important for life and personal health. The internet also has health service providers’ websites, tips about health, and information about many diseases and conditions. Therefore, it supports healthy living of individuals and their families in all dimensions worldwide. Here are some healthy facts of internet usage worldwide;

a) Source of Information and Education on Nutrition

Through the usage of internet, one is exposed to information about nutrition. From the 1980s, the major problem facing the world has shifted from malnutrition as it was before then. The major problem currently has been observing proper nutrition which is a big challenge to many. As a result, many chronic diseases such as; diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers, among other diseases have invaded the world. However, in the last decade, cases of these diseases have been reducing in the society. This is because of the extensive research on the causes of disease and their control. Since these researches are over the internet, everyone is able to access them and take control of their diet to avoid the diseases.

b) Effective Diseases Control

The internet has the information about all the common diseases in the world. It has information about the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of the diseases. The internet also informs on how to avoid and control many diseases. Through the internet, many people across the world have become enlightened about all common diseases, especially HIV/AIDS. As a result, the previous diseases burden that had overloaded the world has been reduced. Many people have been able to indentify, treat, and control many diseases. Individual health has also been boosted. The internet has provided personal and family health solution.

c) Source of Healthy Tips

Healthy Facts of Internet Usage WorldwideThe internet is the most relevant source of the health tips in all the dimensions of health. It provides information on the requirements of health such as; physical exercises, proper sleeping practices, proper medication, nutrition, among other information. Many people over the world have been exposed to these tips. As a result of following and practicing them, people have been able to maintain good health and to control the causes or risk factors of numerous diseases.

d) A Link to Health Care Providers

Through the internet, one can be able to access many websites which belong to different health care providers. By accessing these websites, one can be able to contact these health care providers easily. It is also possible to find out different health care providers who are giving out services which are not available in your near locality. This will link a you while in need of health care with the service providers. It also allows one to know of the cost and schedules of the health care providers. In turn, this convenience acts as a health booster.


It is through the internet that many people have come to learn about many things concerning diseases and health. It has had everything that everyone wants to know about health. The previous misconceptions and poor information on health and certain diseases have been curbed successfully. The internet has acted as a simple tool which provides people with answers concerning various health issues. Thus, many people have been able to lead a healthy life than before.