Healthy Facts of Internet Usage Worldwide

Healthy Facts of Internet Usage WorldwideThe internet has been used by many people as a source of health information worldwide. It is a rich store for information and facts that are important for life and personal health. The internet also has health service providers’ websites, tips about health, and information about many diseases and conditions. Therefore, it supports healthy living of individuals and their families in all dimensions worldwide. Here are some healthy facts of internet usage worldwide;

a) Source of Information and Education on Nutrition

Through the usage of internet, one is exposed to information about nutrition. From the 1980s, the major problem facing the world has shifted from malnutrition as it was before then. The major problem currently has been observing proper nutrition which is a big challenge to many. As a result, many chronic diseases such as; diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers, among other diseases have invaded the world. However, in the last decade, cases of these diseases have been reducing in the society. This is because of the extensive research on the causes of disease and their control. Since these researches are over the internet, everyone is able to access them and take control of their diet to avoid the diseases.

b) Effective Diseases Control

The internet has the information about all the common diseases in the world. It has information about the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of the diseases. The internet also informs on how to avoid and control many diseases. Through the internet, many people across the world have become enlightened about all common diseases, especially HIV/AIDS. As a result, the previous diseases burden that had overloaded the world has been reduced. Many people have been able to indentify, treat, and control many diseases. Individual health has also been boosted. The internet has provided personal and family health solution.

c) Source of Healthy Tips

Healthy Facts of Internet Usage WorldwideThe internet is the most relevant source of the health tips in all the dimensions of health. It provides information on the requirements of health such as; physical exercises, proper sleeping practices, proper medication, nutrition, among other information. Many people over the world have been exposed to these tips. As a result of following and practicing them, people have been able to maintain good health and to control the causes or risk factors of numerous diseases.

d) A Link to Health Care Providers

Through the internet, one can be able to access many websites which belong to different health care providers. By accessing these websites, one can be able to contact these health care providers easily. It is also possible to find out different health care providers who are giving out services which are not available in your near locality. This will link a you while in need of health care with the service providers. It also allows one to know of the cost and schedules of the health care providers. In turn, this convenience acts as a health booster.


It is through the internet that many people have come to learn about many things concerning diseases and health. It has had everything that everyone wants to know about health. The previous misconceptions and poor information on health and certain diseases have been curbed successfully. The internet has acted as a simple tool which provides people with answers concerning various health issues. Thus, many people have been able to lead a healthy life than before.

5 Best Sports That Are Good For Physical Health

Sports provide a way of increasing one’s life length. They enhance one to keep fit physically with all the body organs and tissues functioning well and correctly. Sports reduce the chances of you contracting the non-communicable and the cardiovascular diseases which are very common in the society today. These include; obese, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, allergies, among others.

Previously, people used to work hard in order to get food. Nowadays, most people work for fewer hours. Others even work while sitting down for the entire day. Thus, the problem today has turned from malnutrition cases to poor physical health. People have decided to switch to different games in order to achieve the recommended physical health. The following are the 5 best sports that are good for physical health that many people have previously opted for;

1. Number Relay Laps

Best Sports That Are Good For Physical Health

This is a game in which a group of people divide into teams and run in a designated and marked field. One runs holding a stick and quickly hands his/her partner to continue with the race. The team members should be being fast in order to win the race over other teams. As a result, people exercise physically and render their bodies more active. Running reduces the body fat by burning it out of the body. It also stretches the body parts and joints to relieve tension and stiffness.

2. Soccer

Best Sports That Are Good For Physical Health

This sport is preferred by many as its rules are simple and known by a lot of people. At the same time, soccer involves a larger group of team members. Thus, many people can physically exercise together. Geared to win the game, individuals work together against the opponent team for almost 2 hours. Through this period, one will have done enough exercises which are important for the body and health.

3. Cycling

Best Sports That Are Good For Physical HealthThis sport is very popular among the present generation. It is also very popular among the young people who are currently more vulnerable to conditions such as obese and even diabetes. Through cycling, one can exercise almost all the body parts. The legs, thighs, hip joints, knees, feet, and arms are all exercised fully. Through pedaling, one is also able to maintain his/her mind in concentration therefore exercising the brain. The benefits of cycling include; weight loss, effective and improved blood circulation, and also mental exercise. Cycling boosts physical health in a great way.

4. Swimming

Best Sports That Are Good For Physical Health

This is a very important game that involves extensive body exercise. Through the attempt to maintain the buoyancy of the body on the water suface, one involves their legs and hands, and also the back in a great deal of exercise. This sport is common among the young and even the elderly societal members.

5. Rugby

Best Sports That Are Good For Physical Health

So far, rugby has been one of the most strenuous and physical sport. But, on the other hand, this physicality has been highly recommended for physical health. Rugby involves running, mental concentration, and physical confrontation among individual teams. These teams consist of 7 to 15 players each. Therefore, rugby is an important sport for many people to seek proper physical health collectively as a group.


Thus, sports involve a lot of physical activities which are important for physical health. These activities contribute to; proper functioning of heart and lung, healthy bones, proper motor and cognitive functioning, and quality life. At the same time, physical activities reduce the vulnerability to contract chronic diseases which are rampant in the today’s society.

Disadvantages of Using Microwave Made Food

Disadvantages of Using Microwave Made Food

Currently, many people own a microwave at home. As a matter of fact, many people are now using the second or third microwaves after disposing some faulty ones. Therefore, the world has embraced the technology of using microwaves extensively at home. Heating or cooking food with a microwave is always faster and takes less time. It also conserves the energy that would have been used to heat food with other means.

However, the recent research has shown that microwave food is associated with some negative impacts. Thus, the use of microwave to heat or cook food has turned from bringing out advantages in conserving energy and time to numerous disadvantages of using that food. Here include some of the disadvantages of using microwave made food;

1. Exposure to Microwave Radiation Leakage

Disadvantages of Using Microwave Made FoodUsing a microwave to make food increases the microwaves level in your house and also in the food that you take. This is through the leakage of the microwaves which passes through the loose opened doors or any other leakage of your microwave. These radiations expose one to health hazards which include; cancer and food poisoning. If you like using the microwave, consider regular checks to avoid leakages. At the same time, consider the newly-made microwaves which have been made in such a way that they cannot leak easily.

2. Microwaves have Bad Effects to the Heart

The microwave frequency radiations affect heart and causes interference with the normal functioning of the heart. Cooking using a microwave exposes one to microwaves directly. These waves from the microwave can affect the heart. Symptoms of an affected person will be such as; faster and irregular heartbeats, chest pains, and higher blood pressure. This can result to diabetes or cardiovascular diseases in the long run.

3. Microwaves Removes Some Nutrients from the Food

Microwave was noted to lose over 95% of water in some food types. It was also noted to reduce nutrients such as Vitamin C, E, and B2 from the foods. This device was also associated with deactivating and weakening of enzymes and antitoxins such as broccoli antitoxins, allinase, and garlic. It weakens the antibodies and the proteins thus it is not good to heat or boil milk, especially for the babies. Thus, a microwave is not recommended if you want to ensure a safe and a proper nutrition for you and your family.

4. Cancer Risk

Disadvantages of Using Microwave Made FoodA research that was done by Russian Investigators shown that, microwaves add carcinogens in every food. All the foods that were tested in this research contained carcinogens after being cooked and heated using a microwave.

5. Unevenly Cooked Food

Microwave made food is unevenly cooked. The device usually produces excessive heat at once which usually cooks the touchlines of the food. The heat does not extensively reach the inner molecules of food. Therefore, using microwave food might expose one to eating raw food which may have adverse effects.


In the last 3 decades, the world has been researching on the dangers and hazards which are as a result of using microwave made food. The results have shown many negative impacts due to using the microwaves. Proteins, anti-oxidants, and the overall nutrient composition of food have been under threat while using a microwave. Carcinogen levels in microwave made food should be a major concern that the world should address today. The above and many more disadvantages of using microwave made food should thus caution you and your family as you seek to maintain good health.

Benefits of Using Massage Chair In Workplace

Having a massage using a massage chair in the workplace is the same as having a massage at the spa. However, it is more convenient, time saving, and more comfortable. You don’t have to devote some time for you to go out for a massage. The massage chair will also ensure that you will get the massage anytime you want. For example, during the afternoons after you take your lunch. Here include some of the benefits of using a massage chair in workplace;

a) Stress Reduction

Benefits of Using Massage Chair In Workplace

While using a massage chair in workplace, you can be able to have a massage comfortably while seated. Seating is an effective way of bringing together your thoughts for concentration. This will reduce stressful thoughts. At the same time, head air massage improves blood circulation effectively across the head. This supplies the brain with nutrition and oxygen thus refreshing it. This reduces stress.

b) Relieves the Muscles Pain and Tension

Benefits of Using Massage Chair In Workplace

Mostly in your workplace, you are likely to have muscle stiffness, pain, or tension. However, with a 2D or a 3D massage chair, you can be able to have an effective muscles massage. The chair contracts and presses the muscles smoothly and softly to allow relaxation. Research shows that a massage chair reduces muscle pain by over 75%. This is very important for energy revival while in workplace.

c) Massage for the Back

In your workplace, you may have to bend your back in some duties. These includes; while typing on a computer keyboard, teaching your clients, or when writing. A series of these activities will leave your back in pain. But on the other hand, with a massage chair, especially a 3d massage chair, you will be able to have massage in all dimensions. This will relax your back and revive the energetic feeling back in you.

For those the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage chair that has been described as too “you will enjoy the shiatsu massage that is as good as going to a professional” would be a great additon to your home or office. 

d) Improved Blood Circulation in the Body

Benefits of Using Massage Chair In Workplace

With only 15 minutes on the massage chair, your body will feel quite different. Muscle relaxation, effective heating function of the body parts, and head air massage will improve the blood circulation in your body. This will distribute the nourishment to various body parts through the blood. At the same time, it will enhance proper excretion of waste products and lactic acid from the body parts and the muscles respectively.

e) Improved Immunity

Proper excretion removes the toxic and harmful substances and waste products that may interfere with cells functioning, especially the white blood cells. Blood circulation will also ensure cells nourishment. Through these processes, cells are able to work effectively to protect the body from the harmful products. Excretion too removes most of the toxic substances from the body. This boosts the body immunity. Proper immunity means good health of the body. Good body health means higher performance in the workplace.

f) Reduces Headache Chances

Head air massage reduces the stressful thoughts in a person. This, in turn, reduces the headache chances.


With a massage chair, you do not have to remove your clothes to improve massage quality. You also don’t need to walk or drive far distances in order to have a massage. The relative cost of purchasing, installing, and using a massage chair in your workplace will also prove cheaper than an external eventually. Thus, the benefits of using a massage chair in workplace are countless. The chair will boost your health and your work performance.

Hard Mattress VS Soft Mattress Vs Memory Foam: Which Is the Best?

Choosing a mattress can be a difficult task. This is because; one may knowledge on which mattress between a hard and a soft mattress that will offer a comfortable sleep. Nonetheless, mattresses are an important part for in life. They determine the sleep comfort that one is entitled to. This also determines the quality of life that one leads.

Now, between hard mattress vs soft mattress: which is the best? Before you can be able to differentiate the 2 choices, it is better that you first know what each of them implies. You also need to know the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of mattress. This will make your selection easy.

Hard Mattress


Hard Mattress VS Soft Mattress

It maintains the neural spine location, allows proper blood circulation, and reduces pressure on the nerves. A hard mattress enhances one to sleep on a flat surface thus one can easily breathe and turn while in bed. The mattress also allows for use of other bed materials such as pillows. At the same time, it is easy to get used to sleeping on a hard mattress and feel its comfort.


A hard mattress can be quite uncomfortable especially while new. It produces back pains to individuals with problems such as arthritis and scoliosis. It is easy to roll over and fall from the bed especially for the people with more weight.

Memory Foam


Memory foam as many great health benefits that arrives from the material and its ability to form around your body giving it firm support and holding people it fixed sleeping positions.  This is great for a good night sleep and people in memory foam generally sleep better according to reports. If you wish to learn more about the best memory foam mattress visit and check out their complete guide and comparison chart.


Memory foam is not for everyone and some people with back problems or are over weight might find it difficult to get out of bed. Memory foam is also expensive leaving it as luxury item that not all can afford.

Soft Mattress


Hard Mattress VS Soft Mattress

It is an effective solution for those with back pains and joint problems. It produces the plushness and support to the back thus enhancing spinal shape. Soft mattress offers a good sleep especially to the tired people after they had a long and a hard day. A soft mattress offers relaxation of all body parts especially the back.


A soft mattress can easily collapse and become uncomfortable. It also constricts and forces an individual to sleep in the middle of the bed. This can mount pressure on the head, lungs, and heart. This can affect their function especially after some days of such a sleep. A soft mattress can also be uncomfortable for 2 people sharing a single bed.

Which Mattress Do You Go For?

Your choice for the best mattress should be based on the above advantages and disadvantages. Both the soft and hard mattresses have their specific advantages and disadvantages. They offer completely different sleep and experience in the bed. Therefore, the kind and quality of sleep that want to experience should thus dictate the choice of mattress. You should also consider if you are sharing your bed with another person or not.

However, a hard mattress is the best one. It has more advantages than a soft mattress. It also has more health benefits. Using a hard mattress, you can be able to have your body weight distributed all over your body. It ensures proper alignment of the body during sleep. A hard mattress also ensures that the spine is in position. It is the best mattress for a 2 or more people who are sharing one bed.


Many advertisements are usually built around the softness and plushiness of a mattress. However, for proper personal health and more quality sleep, a hard mattress is the best. You will also get used to sleeping on a hard mattress within no time. With a hard mattress, you can use a soft material pillow to support some of your body organs such as head. Thus, between a hard and a soft mattress, it is better to go for a hard mattress.

Mini Trampoline for Great Health

Mini Trampoline for Great HealthOne of the most common forms of exercise that are growing widely popular nowadays is rebounding. Rebounding on the mini-trampoline is highly beneficial for getting into shape. Most importantly, performing these exercises is huge FUN. It offers the same childlike enjoyment that your kids enjoy jumping on bed and sofas.

Mini trampolines efficiently subject the body to gravitational pull. These pulls can range from zero to two-three times the force of gravity. This pull depends on how high you bounce while rebounding. It is far better than jogging where you put extreme stresses on your joints because of the hard surfaces. It can eventually damage your ankles and knees. But rebounding on a well-made mini trampoline affects each and every joint and cell of your body in equal and properly distributed fashion. Learn more about trampolines over at this guide.

Exercising on Mini Trampoline is good for Lymphatic System

The most important thing to maintain a healthy human body is to keep it moving. This rejuvenates the lymph system which is necessary for cleaning every cell. These cells transport nutrients and make sure the waste products are carried away to their proper disposal. Your lymph system totally depends on the physical activeness of your body. Thus, the best thing is to make sure you are moving your body daily. If you don’t move your body, your cells will be left stewing in the waste products that would starve them for nutrients. This could lead to several health ailments. Thus, mini trampoline is the fun and most effective way of keeping your body active. It will make sure your lymphatic system works efficiently.

Rebounding on Mini Trampoline will Promote Detoxification

Mini Trampoline for Great HealthWhen you jump on a mini trampoline, the motions stimulate all the internal organs. It moves the cerebral-spinal fluid which is advantageous for the intestines. Therefore, the cells in your body will become stronger in response to the increasing G-force while you rebound. This self-propels your immune cells and makes them more active. The function of these active immune cells is to eat viruses, bacteria and in fact the cancer causing cells as well. That is why jumping on the mini trampoline is a big deal because it ensures active and strengthened immune system. This also promotes detoxification when waste and toxins are thoroughly eliminated from your immune system.

Mini Trampoline and the Safety

Although bouncing on the mini trampoline is highly significant, you must ensure all safety measures first. Rebounding does not demand high and unnecessary jumping like you do on trampolines. But you should start with a gentle bounce and your feet must remain in contact with the jumping mat. Then you can slowly increase you speed with experience.

The other thing which will affect the safety of your rebounding is the quality of your equipment. Thus, it is extremely necessary to purchase only the best mini trampoline after vigilantly searching about its quality and make. This can also be done by reading best mini trampoline reviews. We have picked five best mini trampolines and their genuine reviews for you at Trampoline Guide.

Top 5 Quick Pressure Cooker Made Dishes

Previously, pressure cookers were new in the market. Many people bought them and now own pressure cookers at their home. You, probably, are one of them. However, it is no point to own a pressure cooker whilst you don’t use it to cook. As a simple and a clean method of cooking, pressure cooker is also fast and economical. It cooks many dishes within a short period of time.

You may be wondering what to cook with your pressure cooker. Since the cooker can cook almost all the dishes, it is important you get information on some of the dishes that it cooks fast. Thus, here include the top 5 quick pressure cooker made dishes for you;

a) Easy Cooker Pressure Pulled Pork

Top 5 Quick Pressure Cooker Made Dishes

This dish needs few ingredients such as barbecue, apple cider vinegar, chicken broth, and pork. The pressure cooker is very important to make this food as it will prepares the dish with the right amount of heat and time. It is also easy to shred the meat well after it is cooked and to spread it with butter between the hamburgers. This dish is quickly made using a pressure cooker and no sooner should have started cooking, you will be already preparing the plate for you to enjoy your dish.

b) Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef

Top 5 Quick Pressure Cooker Made Dishes

It includes ingredients which cook fast such as beef, peppers, onions, soy sauce, water, and brown sugar. After immersing the meat in the sauce for 4 minutes, the meat cooks fast afterwards while using a pressure cooker. The sauce makes the meat soft and thus, it will take the shortest time in the cooker to cook. Mongolian beef is a dish that you can cook when you reach at home late and you need to cook faster so that you can sleep and have a rest.

c) Chicken with Scallion and Carrots

Top 5 Quick Pressure Cooker Made Dishes

The ingredients in this dish include; chicken, scallions, carrots, garlic, peppers, and coriander. Iv will take you less than 30 minutes to prepare these mouthwatering dish, especially using a pressure cooker. Even before your family members start longing for the sweet smelling dish, you will be serving them on the table.

d) Quail Eggs with Salad

Top 5 Quick Pressure Cooker Made Dishes

It is an adventurous dish that makes you explore different tasty food as well as the experience of a pressure cooker. Quail eggs and salad is a very simple to cook dish. It requires fewer ingredients including quail eggs, French beans, and carrots. Since you don’t have to let the salad to overcook, the preparation becomes quite easy. This dish is easily made using a pressure cooker.

e) Curried Lamb

Top 5 Quick Pressure Cooker Made Dishes

This is a West Indian dish which is adventurous and preferably easy to cook with a pressure cooker. It is also good for someone who doesn’t like goat meat. The dish only requires ingredients such as lamb meat, pepper, onions, tomatoes, and vegetables. It cooks fast on a pressure cook especially because the meat is quite soft should not be left to overcook.


Thus, you probably have a pressure cooker made dish now that you can enjoy eating with your family now. A pressure cooker is the most clean and cheapest means of cooking that has been discovered lately. Since most people have the pressure cookers, it is also very wise to continue and explore more by cooking with it. With the above top 5 quick pressure cooker made dishes for you and others too, you have a chance to enjoy using your pressure cooker.

Which Shower Head Type Is the Best for Relaxing Bath?

Which Shower Head Type Is the Best for Relaxing Bath

You may be looking for a shower head addition to your bathroom but you might be in a dilemma in making your choice. Therefore, you may be wondering, which showerhead type is the best for relaxation? It is true that choosing the best shower head might present you with a pretty difficult task. This can be extra difficult especially if you have previously tried different shower heads resulting you to a bad experience. However, what you need is a shower head guide and reviews of the shower heads in the market and the qualities that you should be looking for. Here are points to consider before you decide on the best shower head for you;

a) Gentleness of the Water as it Flows from the Shower Head

You should be sure that the shower head you go for is gentle to you in your bathroom. So much pressure in the flowing water might cause you to inhale moisture which is not good for your health. At the same time, too little pressure in the flowing water is not effective for a clean and relaxing shower. Therefore, a shower head with a medium pressure in flowing water is the best shower for you to fix in your bathroom.

b) Full Coverage of Your Body

Some shower heads have a narrow head. Thus, they only sprinkle water to less parts of the body. Consequently, they do not cover all the back part of the body. This may force you to turn regularly as you take your shower. As a result, this might not be relaxing, especially if your bathroom is squeezed. However, a broad headed showerhead will cover all your body. This will give you an easy time as you shower. You will probably be relaxed after such a shower. Therefore, a broad headed showerhead is the best shower that you should start looking for.

c) Easy to Maintain

Which Shower Head Type Is the Best for Relaxing BathYou should go for a shower head that is easy to maintain. Preferably, shower heads which have long and broader hose pipes do not clog easily and have efficient drainage. Shower head with a long pipe and can be fitted in a higher height in your bathroom can be easily maintained as you will not be tampering with it regularly. Also one that has spacious shower head nozzles can hardly block and thus it can be maintained easily. A shower head with all the above qualities is the best for you as it will be easy for you to maintain without regular repairs or changes.

d) Rainfall Experience

Avoid a shower that sprinkles water as if it was a tap. Go for one that sprinkles water as if they were raindrops. This will probably cover all your body.


If you are looking for the best shower head for a relaxing bath, then you can consider a rain shower head among other choices of shower heads in the market. The rain shower has been reviewed and recommended for a spectacular and a relaxing bath at any time of the day. It is new in the market. It also has all the qualities that have been admired by many for a shower in their bathroom.

3 Reasons Everyone Must Use Water Softener

Water softeners have many and uncountable benefits. For the domestic water uses, the benefits are even more. However, many people have not yet found out the reason why they should use a water softener. Mostly, people feel that water softener removes some minerals useful to the body from the water. But, the same minerals are available for supplementation in some food types too. Therefore, softening water does not mean nutrients deficiency. Here are 3 reasons everyone must use water softener;

a) To Use of Smaller Amounts of Soaps and Detergents

3 Reasons Everyone Must Use Water Softener

Hard water takes a lot of soaps and detergents in order to soften it and make it easy to use. However, while using a water softener one needs relatively smaller amount of soaps and detergents. This is very important when using water for domestic purposes. These purposes include; washing clothes, cleaning utensils, and also washing equipment. A water softener is relatively cheaper than the detergents and soaps. Quite a little amount of water softener can be used to soften large volumes of water.

b) To Prevent Staining and Blockage

3 Reasons Everyone Must Use Water Softener

Hard water is associated with staining materials. After using hard water for some time, staining occurs on the edges, corners, and on the hidden parts of materials. This is common with utensils and other equipment. As a result, you may be forced to scrap off or paint the stain covering. You may also be forced to change your equipment and materials by buying new ones. This may be expensive and unplanned for. However, using a water softener, you will be able to remove the elements in water which are responsible for staining the materials. This will prevent unnecessary expenses.

Hard water also causes deposition of high amounts of elements in the pipes, boilers, taps, and even shower heads. Hard water interferes with the drainage system and the water passage. In turn, you will only be forced to performing regular plumbing and repairs. At the same time, expenses such as purchasing new taps, new boilers, and new pipes will be unavoidable. Through using a water softener, you can be able to escape and prevent all these expenses and labor intensive activities.

c) To Save Energy

3 Reasons Everyone Must Use Water Softener

Through a water softener, one is able to replace some of the ions and elements in water with the other. Elements such as magnesium and calcium are replaced by potassium and some sodium to reduce the hardness of water. In turn, the water boiling point reduces with a significant change. In case of factory production or even domestic water boiling, the energy used is relatively less than the energy used to boil hard water. Therefore, you can be able to save energy that would have been used in boiling hard water.


Therefore, it is important to use a water softener so that you can enjoy the increased benefits thereafter. In factories, institutions, and at home, saving resources such as energy and money can be enhanced by the use of a water softener. This is because; water softener will lead to the use of less detergents and soaps, less expense on repair and purchases, and energy saving. Thus, everyone should consider using a water softener for domestic or industrial purposes.

3 Key Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis Properly

On your last trip or hike, you might have contracted plantar fasciitis. Or you may be flat-footed and a potential runner. After running, it is likely to contract plantar fasciitis, especially if you have a flat foot. This condition occurs after your arch loses support resulting to pressure being mounted on it after an intensive body and legs exercise. High weight can also cause the occurrence of plantar fasciitis.

As a difficult and uncomfortable experience, plantar fasciitis condition might present you with many walking problems and other problems related to the feet. However, it is possible for you to treat plantar fasciitis right at home without difficulties. Thus, you will be able to treat this condition without big spending at the hospital or at the chemist. Here are 3 keys to treat plantar fasciitis;

1. Using Shoes to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

3 Key Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis Properly

It might seem ironical. However, using shoes to treat plantar fasciitis is one of the most effective ways to deal with this condition once and for all. Shoes with slight heel that will support your arch will correct this condition and resume your leg into its normalness. This slight heel will absorb shock and prevent it from reaching your arch. The slight heel is made of soft cushions which are placed at the sole of the shoe. After you wake up or after resting your feet, put on shoes instead of slippers or sandals. This will prevent pain and will also make you feel more comfortable.

On the other hand, you should take precautionary measures while dealing with shoes as you correct plantar fasciitis. Shoes with high heels are very dangerous while hiking, running, or even walking for long distances. This is because; these shoes will cause pressure on your arch. This pressure will prevent you from correcting the plantar fasciitis condition by making it to be even more intense. You should consider well-cushioned sole shoes, for example, athletics shoes. These shoes will resume your arch in the right position by supporting it and preventing its inflammation.

2. Simple Exercises

3 Key Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis Properly

Simple exercises such as toes, calf, and towels stretches will help you to correct plantar fasciitis condition. Preferably, after you wake up from bed, you should consider doing such exercises. Also you should consider taking walks to shorter distances. These exercises will make your healing process to be effective. They will also make your arch to get back in position as required.

3. Eccentric Heel Dip from a Stair

3 Key Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis Properly

This is a physical way to deal and correct plantar fasciitis. In this exercise, you place your foot at the edge of a staircase. Gradually, you drop the back part of your foot onto the next stair downwards. This is done regularly and progressively. It should be done many times during the day. Eventually, the arch is fixed back to its position and the condition is effectively corrected. This process, however, involves some pain but it is very much effective to treat plantar fasciitis properly.


Since plantar is not a viral, bacterial, or even a fungal infection, one should not consider seeking chemical and drugs medication in its first stages. Although there are many drugs and surgeries that are done for individuals with plantar fasciitis, you should not consider them as the first options. They might not even be there as soon as you need them. Therefore, you should try the above means among other possible means as you seek to correct this condition first. In case of persistent plantar fasciitis condition, you can now proceed for medication or surgery.