Disadvantages of Using Microwave Made Food

Disadvantages of Using Microwave Made Food

Currently, many people own a microwave at home. As a matter of fact, many people are now using the second or third microwaves after disposing some faulty ones. Therefore, the world has embraced the technology of using microwaves extensively at home. Heating or cooking food with a microwave is always faster and takes less time. It also conserves the energy that would have been used to heat food with other means.

However, the recent research has shown that microwave food is associated with some negative impacts. Thus, the use of microwave to heat or cook food has turned from bringing out advantages in conserving energy and time to numerous disadvantages of using that food. Here include some of the disadvantages of using microwave made food;

1. Exposure to Microwave Radiation Leakage

Disadvantages of Using Microwave Made FoodUsing a microwave to make food increases the microwaves level in your house and also in the food that you take. This is through the leakage of the microwaves which passes through the loose opened doors or any other leakage of your microwave. These radiations expose one to health hazards which include; cancer and food poisoning. If you like using the microwave, consider regular checks to avoid leakages. At the same time, consider the newly-made microwaves which have been made in such a way that they cannot leak easily.

2. Microwaves have Bad Effects to the Heart

The microwave frequency radiations affect heart and causes interference with the normal functioning of the heart. Cooking using a microwave exposes one to microwaves directly. These waves from the microwave can affect the heart. Symptoms of an affected person will be such as; faster and irregular heartbeats, chest pains, and higher blood pressure. This can result to diabetes or cardiovascular diseases in the long run.

3. Microwaves Removes Some Nutrients from the Food

Microwave was noted to lose over 95% of water in some food types. It was also noted to reduce nutrients such as Vitamin C, E, and B2 from the foods. This device was also associated with deactivating and weakening of enzymes and antitoxins such as broccoli antitoxins, allinase, and garlic. It weakens the antibodies and the proteins thus it is not good to heat or boil milk, especially for the babies. Thus, a microwave is not recommended if you want to ensure a safe and a proper nutrition for you and your family.

4. Cancer Risk

Disadvantages of Using Microwave Made FoodA research that was done by Russian Investigators shown that, microwaves add carcinogens in every food. All the foods that were tested in this research contained carcinogens after being cooked and heated using a microwave.

5. Unevenly Cooked Food

Microwave made food is unevenly cooked. The device usually produces excessive heat at once which usually cooks the touchlines of the food. The heat does not extensively reach the inner molecules of food. Therefore, using microwave food might expose one to eating raw food which may have adverse effects.


In the last 3 decades, the world has been researching on the dangers and hazards which are as a result of using microwave made food. The results have shown many negative impacts due to using the microwaves. Proteins, anti-oxidants, and the overall nutrient composition of food have been under threat while using a microwave. Carcinogen levels in microwave made food should be a major concern that the world should address today. The above and many more disadvantages of using microwave made food should thus caution you and your family as you seek to maintain good health.


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